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Who is leading data strategy in your company?

Published almost 2 years ago • 1 min read

A recent Gartner CEO survey found half of respondents believed the business and the technology function had equal responsibility for the performance and quality of digital products and services. Indeed, all functional leaders, from finance to sales and marketing, are now expected to provide input on a company’s data strategy.

The emergence of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role has signalled the increasing importance of data. But the entire C-suite is now expected to regard data as a shared responsibility. So, who makes the decision? Who is accountable and what responsibility is shared? More importantly, in the context of hiring the CDO, who will define this type of responsibility matrix?

The rise of the Chief Data Officer is a transformational change that elevates data to the top of many organisations. If this is a priority for your company, then these are my top tips for embedding that role firmly within your C-suite.

• Establish clarity for the CDO’s role and purpose by defining the role’s vision, priorities and scope.

• Ensure your CDO has the charisma to energise the whole team behind the digital agenda.

• The right CDO for your business should blend ‘science as well as art’

• Your CDO should have powerful backing from the C-suite especially the CEO to ensure
swift decision making

Data-driven companies will not limit themselves to functional boundaries. Broader accountability for data supports the data agenda becoming part of a company’s digital DNA. It provides employees with the right data at the right time. This includes the C-suite, which will provide perspective around data and analytics, making it a fundamental part of strategic conversations and board discussion. When embracing data at C-level, data and analytics initiatives will then gain the momentum needed to transform operating practices and embed data into the culture of the firm.

For more help in finding the right CDO for your digital strategy feel free to reach out to me for an informal conversation or hit reply.

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Hi, I’m a creator

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